Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday AM Links

Lots of transfer rumors today...

News of the World reports that Robbie Keane is in "advanced talks" with Newcastle brass about a loan deal. There were rumors on Twitter yesterday of Celtic moving in to sign him again, but a quick search of the news outlets will tell you that if this is true, nobody important is reporting it. For what it's worth, Joe Bernstein of The Mail reports that Aston Villa are in the running as well, but given Hughton's relationship with the striker, I wouldn't be surprised if we were to hear of this thing going final as soon as today.

According to Mark Douglas of The Sun, Newcastle are also in on Dutch striker Ricky van Wolfswinkel, with 8 million reported as the transfer fee set by Liverpool's tinkering earlier on. (The Daily Mirror confirms that number.) Douglas reports on his twitter page that Chris Hughton scouted van Wolfswinkel himself and happened to be there when he scored a hat trick to down Celtic.

All of this movement to sign strikers makes me more apt to believe that the rumors of Shola Ameobi moving on may have some substance to them. Ameobi is on record as saying he wants to play as much as possible, and the opportunities are going to be even more scarce if one or both of these moves comes to pass.

Alan Oliver of The People reports that Steven Taylor has rejected a "peace bid" of 45K/week, giving credence to the leak that he asked for 60. According to Oliver, there has not been any interest in the defender and he risks being left off of the 25-man roster if he doesn't take the deal on the table. Within this article, Oliver suggests that Keane's weekly wage may be a stumbling block to getting him signed.

That's it for today. Leave any links/news you find in the comments and I'll make sure to get it on the main post.

UPDATE I: Miles Starforth of The Shields-Gazette weighs in on the "Carroll for England" fad, saying he's unlikely to be called for the U-21 qualifiers given his large role on a Premiership side. Good news, obviously.

Starforth also comments on Robbie Keane, saying if a deal is done, it will come at the deadline. Within the article are some notes on just how hard Chris Hughton is working to make this happen.

Finally, Starforth notes that Sol Campbell will be making his long-awaited debut - for the reserves at The Stadium of Shite Light tomorrow night. Ryan Lovenkrands, Shola Ameobi, and Ryan Taylor are among those expected to join him (if they haven't been sold or loaned, that is).


  1. Details are still unclear but the talks with Keane have NUFC and Spurs divvying his wages in some way.
    Also heard that Saylor's contract was sweetened further by removing the newly mandated Wage Cut for Relegation Clause.

  2. Sounds like Spurs are eager to make a deal then, which bodes well for us.

    Hope that helps Taylor sign, I'd hate for him to languish in purgatory over this.

    You got a link for either one? I'll post it if you do.

    Also, we are taking suggestions for a clever name for this feature, so leave 'em if you've got 'em.

  3. I can't decide if I like better Keane or Wolfswinkle, who's name is setting new records for unintentional comedy. Wolfspenis, there I've said it, if I didn't it was just going to say itself, would be the better investment, but Keane brings that grizzled veteran quality that all teams benefit from. I can't see the club signing both, then Shola will REALLY be out the door.

  4. Starforth is active this morning with one about Andy:

    Keane bid:

    Sol Campbell's Fitness: