Monday, September 20, 2010

Playing With Chalkboards: NUFC at Everton FC

Each week we devote a bit of time to tactical review of the previous week's game. This week it falls to me and I attempt to take a dig at my compatriot, who disagreed with me a bit on my opinion on one Alan Smith, and how he hasn't done much this season. I'll admit up front that the comparison I'm about to make may be unfair, and I also admit that I have the benefit of continuing my argument with the hindsight bonus, but Cheik Tiote did replace Smith on the starting squad so allow me to submit the following:

by Guardian Chalkboards
Now before I expound, I anticipate the following arguement: Yeah but that Blackpool game was Smith's worst. So here is the passing graph from the Wolves Game:

by Guardian Chalkboards

Tiote's activity as we can measure it with these tools is just plain superior to Smith. Cheik is value in volume, Alan seems to watch the game pass him by, and spend his time not making any mistakes. Mistake free is good but we'll need higher class than that to make sure the Premiership is our home come next year. What say you now, Robert?

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  1. Robert (from another computer)September 21, 2010 at 5:23 PM

    Well, I hope to articulate a better response later when I'm not out on the road, but for now I'll say this:

    I'll happily admit that Cheik Tiote had a fantastic game on Saturday. It was clear that he was a difference maker. What you're doing, though, is comparing one aspect of the two players' games. Take a look at Alan Smith's games on the chalkboards and look at tackles, blocks, and clearances, and more than that, look at where they happen on the pitch. He's been valuable in defense. I'll add more later.