Sunday, November 28, 2010

Week 15 Talking Points

Today we debut a new feature: Talking Points. Because of our policy of waiting a day or two to post a review (hence the name "Reasonable Reaction") and because there usually isn't enough news on the day of a game to merit a links post, we often don't post anything immediately following a game. This feature will change that. Following each game we will post some suggested talking points for all to discuss in the comments. (We know you're out there; the numbers say we've got readers, but no commenters. Consider this your invitation to join the conversation.)

Talking Points:
1. Are you happy to escape with a point against a top side, or disappointed to settle for a draw at home?
2. Are you satisfied with Sol Campbell and Steven Taylor in the back?
3. For the Shola Ameobi haters: Why?
4. Sort of a follow-up: Do you want Shola or Nile Ranger up front with Andy Carroll?
5. Chelsea: Bad floppers or the worst floppers?

1 comment:

  1. I asked #3 on Twitter (sort of) and the one response I got was one I've heard many times before: "He's just not a Premiership caliber player." The thing is, I've never heard anybody successfully explain why. I would argue that he has certainly proven himself a worthy player. I want to understand the hate; I really do. Right now I just don't see it.

    Having said that, I was impressed with Nile Ranger's pace, and I wonder if the team wouldn't benefit from him getting a start or two here and there. With Shola and Carroll both in the game, our midfielders tend to get lazy and lob ball after ball into the box without taking the time to set up a legitimate scoring opportunity. This impatience just about fixed itself with Ranger in the game.