Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Game #19 Talking Points

A proper review of the last two games will be up soon, but for now, here are your talking points:

1. Happy with 22 points at the midpoint of the season?

2. What do you think about the 4-5-1, especially with no midfielders on the bench?

3. A lot of people blaming Perch for the first goal. Fair or foul?

4. Gareth Bale: Overhyped or not?

5. Harper or Krul this Sunday?

6. What kind of player(s) should be targeted in the transfer window?

1 comment:

  1. I'll go ahead and answer my own questions.

    1. Of course, since we are out of the relegation zone. If the imaginary goal is 40 points, then we are over halfway there, but I worry about this team's ability to put up 22 more in the second half given their recent form. 4 points away from 18th makes me nervous also.

    2. Don't like the 4-5-1. Often Andy Carroll is found out of position because he has to come back for the ball, and that's not okay. I also didn't like the configuration of the midfielders. Barton is out of place in the middle, for starters. I'll save this for another time.

    3. I don't think it's fair. He maybe could have been more aggressive, but that's not on him.

    4. I think Bale is very good and will only continue to improve. Is he the English player of the year, as suggested by a publication I frequent recently? Absolutely not, but the kid can play.

    5. My answer is almost always Harper.

    6. Clearly we need a defender that can play on the edge. I'd also prefer to see a winger. The obvious need is on the right side, but if there's a left winger to be had I'm confident in the ability of Jonas Gutierrez to switch sides. His game is more natural over there anyway. I'm sick of seeing him cough up a ball because he's not comfortable with his left foot anyway.